Booking Brisbane Roar Corporate Hospitality:

To book a BRFC Corporate Hospitality package for the Season, Multiple Games or for a Single Game, please follow the procedure below in order for us to arrange your ticketing!

If you want to get in touch with us directly in regards to booking a package/Corporate ticketing, please call 1300 395 020 or email [email protected] with any questions you might have!

1. Find Your Package

View our packages to discover what Corporate Hospitality package you would like for any given match(es)

2. Submit Enquiry

At the bottom of any given BRFC Corporate page, submit an enquiry form and select your package

3. Contact

One of our Corporate Hospitality executives will be in touch with you to ensure you are looked after

4. Online Booking

Once we have confirmed the package you're after, we will send you our Online Booking Form

5. Receive Invoice

You will then receive and invoice from our finance team to the value of your tickets/package

6. Make Payment

Make your specified payment via C/C* or EFT. *an admin fee of 1.8% applies for C/C

7. Proof Of Payment

For your tickets to be sent through as soon as possible, simply provide proof of payment

8. Receive Tickets

Once payment has come through we will email you your tickets directly to you within 2 weeks of the match

If you'd like to express your interest in Corporate Hospitality right now, you can fill out the form below and one of our Corporate Executives will be in touch with you:

* Please note that if you are contacting Brisbane Roar Football Club on match-days the office may in fact be closed in lieu of Brisbane Roar staff’s commitments at Suncorp Stadium.

** If you are attempting to book a Corporate Hospitality package on the day of the match itself, please contact one of our Corporate Hospitality Executives (above, on the left-hand side) 

*** Access to Corporate Hospitality during Brisbane Roar matches is subject to Suncorp Stadium’s Conditions of Entry. To view these, click here.