Brisbane Roar Corporate Boxes in the Eastern Stand will give you a taste of it all in Corporate Hospitality at a cut-priced fee!

From $240 per game ($30 per person) excl. GST

8-Seat Brisbane Roar Clubhouse Boxes are the most cost-effective Corporate option per person. You’ll get the best seats in the Eastern Stand for the price of General Admission!

8-Seat Investment:

$2,400 excl. GST (Seasonal)
$1,200 excl. GST (5 Matches)
$270 excl. GST (Single Match)

Half-Way Line Seats

Have your Corporate Box situated on the half-way line for the duration of the season, providing the best possible seat at the best value (per person) in Category 1 seating

Best Cost Per-Person Option

At $30 per person* (per game), Clubhouse Boxes are the best value-for-money Corporate option that Brisbane Roar has to offer. *Full Season costs only

Stadium Food Option**

Unlike other Corporate Hospitality options, Eastern Boxes give you the ability to bring stadium food straight up to your seat. **Additional cost for any food you purchase

Atmospheric Setting

Be part of the action on Level 4 in the Eastern Stand and close to the action. With 'The Den' to your right and fans below, giving you a authentic football experience

Fill out the form below if you would like to join us in one of the Brisbane Roar Corporate Boxes for Season 2019/20:

Similar packages:

* ‘Similar Packages’ prices are indicative of the seasonal cost price. Each BRFC Corporate Hospitality option (excluding our Coach’s Club) can be purchased on a ‘per-game’ basis.To view the Suncorp Stadium Terms of Entry, click here.

If you’d like to get in touch with us directly you can call 1300 395 020, or contact:

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